Maybe you know this. You are looking for a new coat for your dog and have already tried out different brands and sizes.
But no matter which coat you put on your dog, the length of the dog coat will either not fit or it will be too tight or loose in the chest area. But because you like the coat so much, you ask yourself which compromise is better: a coat that is too short or a chest that is too wide or narrow.

You have already given up your desire for a suitable coat size and think that your dog must have an unusual body shape and decide on a size compromise.

The size of your dog coat should not be a compromise

But you already regret your decision at the dog park. Because as soon as your dog runs across the meadow and lets off steam, the coat slips. Either it slides forward or it twists to the side. Because a dog coat can only fit perfectly if it fits correctly on the chest.

Either way, the new coat serves its purpose because if it slips, the dog is exposed to wind and weather without protection.

Dog coat for small dogs

You can also buy jeans sizes that match the width and length

But what if there were dog coat sizes that you could choose in length and width like jeans sizes?
Your jeans fit you in length and width, but you only have to choose one size for your dog?

Dog coat sizes rethought

We at THEO & EMMA faced the same problem. But we are committed to solving this problem.

Our result - We have rethought the dog coat in two parts:

  • In a coat that covers your dog's neck and back.
  • And in a chest band that protects your dog's chest.
  • The solution is that you can choose both pieces independently in the size that suits your dog. Think again about your jeans size. For example, your jeans have a width of 28 and a length of 30. That's exactly how we designed the sizes of our dog coats. Independent in back length and chest width.

    Dog coat

    Easy to put on

    Getting dressed is also child's play. Before putting it on, attach the chest strap to the coat at chest height and pull the coat over your dog's head. Then pull the chest strap through the front legs and attach it to both sides of the coat with Velcro fasteners. And the next walk can begin.

    The advantages of our modular size system

    After a walk in muddy conditions, your coat rarely stays clean. The chest and stomach area in particular is often very dirty. If you previously had to wash the entire coat, with us you only need to remove the breast band and put it in the wash separately.

    If you have a replacement breast band, you don't have to wait for the dirty one to be washed. Simply attach the replacement chest strap to your dog coat and off you go.

    Of course, our chest bands are also available in different colors. Whether anthracite, orange, olive, lemon or pink, you can also change the color of your dog coat with the interchangeable chest straps. Either because you want to dare to use a little more color every now and then, or because you want to match your dog coat to your outfit. Neither is a problem - with the interchangeable chest straps from THEO & EMMA®.

    Do you have questions?

    If you have any questions about our modular system, please contact us using the chat function on our website or by phone at 08191 / 9102741.

    We look forward to seeing you.