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Dog leash HOLMS made of Biothane, black

Made in Germany, Farbe Schwarz
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High-quality dog ​​leash HOLMS

Our high-quality HOLMS dog leash is a practical companion for your everyday dog ​​life. HOLMS is robust, light and fits comfortably in your hand. Our dog leash HOLMS is made from Biothane and is really lightweight. Despite the total length of 2.33m, HOLMS only weighs 200g (with a line width of 19mm).

With the help of two D-rings, the HOLMS dog leash can be adjusted to three practical lengths:

  • 1.15 m line length
  • 1.50 m line length
  • 1.90m line length
  • Our HOLMS dog leash, as well as the matching WATSON collar, are handcrafted for you. The metal fittings of the HOLMS dog leash are made of steel with an elegant gray surface finish.

    The HOLMS dog leash has a leather-like surface structure and therefore fits very well in your hand. Despite its length, our dog leash is very light and can be comfortably wrapped around your upper body when running freely.

    The HOLMS dog leash is handmade in Germany and available in olive, black and khaki.

    The lightweight HOLMS weighs only 200g with a line width of 19mm. With a line width of 25mm, HOLMS only weighs 250g.

    When do I need a line length of 1.15m

    A line length of 1.15m is very practical as a short guide line. For example, if you are out and about with your dog in the city and you only want your dog to stay in your immediate vicinity, this length is perfect. If you are traveling with your dog near busy streets or in pedestrian zones, a leash length of 1.15m gives you enough control to restrain your dog if necessary or to lead it into situations in which it may display unwanted behavior .

    When do I need a line length of 1.50m?

    A dog leash with a length of 1.50 m is also very suitable for use in urban environments where the dog needs to walk on sidewalks or pavements. This length gives you enough control over your dog to keep him close in tight spaces while allowing enough freedom for him to move around comfortably. This leash length is also useful if you want to train your dog or teach him new commands, as it allows you to give him instructions while still having some control over him.

    When do I need a line length of 1.90m

    A leash length of 1.90 m is ideal if you are either walking your dog in rural areas but do not want to let him run free, or you are in a park where you have space but still have your dog under control want. In both cases, they offer your dog enough space to sniff around or get away.

    The ideal length of a leash also depends on the size and behavior of your dog. Depending on both factors, a leash should be adjusted accordingly to give your dog the individual space and proper control.

    What is Biothane?

    Biothane® is a synthetic material made from polyester or nylon webbing coated with PVC or TPU. This coating makes the material water-repellent, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. The coating looks similar to leather and feels very pleasant due to the slightly structured surface.
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