Orbiloc: The ultimate LED safety light for dogs

In the world of dog lovers, everything revolves around the safety and well-being of our furry friends. Whether in the park, on a walk at dusk or even on nighttime adventures, the safety of our dogs is our top priority. This is where Orbiloc comes into play: an innovative security light designed specifically for dogs so that they can be clearly seen at any time of the day or night and return home safely.

Orbiloc Amber

Why is Orbiloc a must for every dog ​​owner?

  1. Maximum visibility:
    Orbiloc is not an ordinary light - it is a high performance signal light that is visible up to 5km. Its intense luminosity ensures that your dog is clearly visible even on the darkest nights or in dense fog. This way you minimize the risk of accidents and create a safe environment for your four-legged friend.

  2. Waterproof and robust:
    Dogs are known to love rolling in puddles or roaming through thickets. That's why it's important that your security light can withstand the elements. Orbiloc is not only waterproof, but also shock and shock resistant, so it can withstand even the most active dogs. Whether rain, snow or mud - Orbiloc works reliably.

  3. Easy to attach and versatile:
    Thanks to its intelligent design, Orbiloc can be easily attached to any dog ​​collar or harness. It is light and compact, so it does not burden or disturb the dog. In addition, Orbiloc is not only suitable for walks, but also for other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or jogging. You can even attach it to your own clothing or equipment to ensure your own visibility too.

  4. Long battery life:
    Orbiloc was developed to provide you and your dog with faithful service for a long time. With a battery life of up to 250 hours in steady on mode and up to 500 hours in flashing mode, you don't have to worry about frequent charging. This means you can concentrate entirely on the adventures with your four-legged friend without having to worry about the lighting.

  5. Color Choices for Style and Safety:
    Orbiloc is available in different colors, so you can not only ensure your dog's safety, but also emphasize his individual style. Choose a color that matches his fur or your personal preferences and ensure he looks stylish no matter where your adventure takes you.


Orbiloc is more than just an LED safety light - it is an essential accessory for every dog ​​owner who takes the safety and visibility of their four-legged friend seriously. With its exceptional luminosity, durability and versatility, Orbiloc sets a new standard for dog lighting, ensuring you and your dog can enjoy every adventure safely and securely. Invest in an innovative safety light made in the EU and put your dog's safety first - you won't regret it!