THEO & EMMA®, our brand and company name, has its origins in a Weimaraner girl who came into our founder's life in August 2020.

When our founder decided to let a dog into his life, Emma came. A Weimaraner puppy. A whole 10 weeks old, clumsy, with ears that are way too big and steel blue eyes. She took his life by storm and has been an integral part ever since.

As a new part of the family, Emma naturally also needed a lot of accessories. Collar, leash, dog basket, harness, dog toys, etc.
But our founder had disappointing experiences far too often when looking for beautiful, high-quality dog ​​accessories, so he probably asked himself at some point, due to his job, whether this couldn't be changed.

The thought couldn't let him go and after a lot of research, concept work and calculations, he founded the label and the company THEO & EMMA® in February 2022.

His love for Weimaraners ultimately led to the decision to have a second Weimaraner in his life. It quickly became clear that the second Weimaraner would be a Theo and with that the name of our company was decided.

THEO & EMMA® is therefore more than just a name - it is the expression of affection and love between humans and dogs.